The Rosmead



Canape’s -

[Between R10 and R15 each - excludes plating charge]

    • Smoked Salmon on Bruschetta, Fillet of Beef & Roast Pepper Canape, Spiced Chicken Canape, Honey Roasted Sausage Sticks, Thai Chicken Skewers, Cocktail Eggs Benedict, Stuffed Zucchini, Falafel and Moroccan Meat Balls, Assorted Vol au vent pastries, Filled Filo Parcels

Platters -

[40 Items]
  • Standard Savoury Platters -

    • - Sandwich Platter
    • - Roast Chicken Platter
    • - Chicken and Kebab Platter
    • - Filled Cocktail Roll Platter
    • - Savoury Pastry Platter (Mini Cottage Pies, Patha Pastry Cups, Mini Quiche, Spinach and Feta Delights, Chicken Delights, Assorted C/Tail Pizzas,Vegetarian Plait, Samoosas, Cocktail Pies, Chicken or Beef Rissoles and Cocktail Sausage Rolls )
    • - Filled Croissant Platter
    • - Filled Pita Platter
    • - Vegetarian Wraps filled: (1) Lebanese Wraps filled with humus and steamed vegetables or (2) Mediterranean Wraps filled with falafel, gherkins and Olives

Standard Sweet Platters -

    • - Assorted Danish Platter
    • - Cup Cake Platter
    • - Almond and Chocolate Filled Croissants
    • - Sweet Assortment (Snowballs, Chocolate Brownies, Lamingtons, etc)
    • - Apple Crumble and Hungarian Tart
    • - Milk Tart and Hertzoggies
    • - Assorted Muffins

Plated Meals Service and Chafing Dish Meal Service -

    • Beef, Chicken or Vegetable Lasagne
    • Roast Chicken
    • Roast Fillet of Beef
    • Lamb Shank
    • Kingklip and Prawn
    • Beef or Chicken Linguine
    • Crusted Norwegian Salmon
    • Crayfish / Lobster Thermidor
* Kindly note that our Meal Services are provided as a once off or on contract.
* All quotes are tailored to suite our client’s needs

  • We are able to provide Breakfast Buffet upon request
  • Minimum of 10 items per Canape
  • Platters may be assorted upon request
  • Quotes available upon request (kindly provide details via our contacts page or by telephone)
  • Orders may incur a delivery fee

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